Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Falkirk Wheel

Today I ventured out of Perthshire with the children and the dog down to the Falkirk Wheel.  The weather was not kind to us today, but that's what waterproofs are for, doesn't really matter if you get a bit drookit anyway, you dry off.  However, not so good for taking photos.  We had a grand old time and what a piece of engineering the wheel is, amazing.  I was in my element, you must go.  In the visitor centre was a superb array of photographs taken by secondary school pupils as part of a competition, very impressive.
On the way home I stopped at my old school at Dollar for a look, the children just said I'm posh, guess that is the general judgemental attitude to people who went/go to private schools! The school has changed dramatically since my day.
Quick pit stop at Burleigh Sands at Loch Leven and we all got covered in wet sand and the dog enjoyed a swim, then home.

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