Welcome to Gilmore House, Bed and Breakfast, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland

This blog is my random ramblings and photos of what is going on in the B&B, my life, but generally my little jaunts out which I hope will give you a taster of all the wonderful excursions to do in our area.


Friday, 6 October 2017

Kinloch Rannoch Station and Tea Room

After failing miserably to be transported back in time at 'Craigh na Dun' I continued on the road to Kinloch Rannoch Railway Station. The road and scenery along this route is absolutely breathtaking. I could live in the middle of nowhere in a heartbeat. The Railway Station is a little gem and there is an amazing tea room in the redundant station buildings. You can still get on the London - Fort William train here. Along the shores of Kinloch Rannoch there are lots of places to stop and enjoy the sights.

Craigh na Dun - Outlander

With series 3 of Outlander now on our screens, I was inspired to take a trip to the location where they filmed the 'going through the stones' scenes. Fortunately I chose a lovely day to take the trip over towards Kinloch Rannoch. In this case I knew exactly where I was going, so there was no confused staring at clumps of trees trying to work out if I was in the correct location.  I pondered to myself what a great job it must be scouring the Scottish countryside for filming locations. In the news today it said the 'Outlander' effect has been a huge boost to many of the castles, houses used for filming, with visitor numbers way up. I would suggest it has been a good tourism season anyway. I think 90% of my guests in July and August were from Germany, Netherlands etc.
Anyway I reached the desired location and imagined the filming taking place. The 'stones' were not real, so have been long removed.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Lunan Bay

On Sunday afternoon I had an excursion to Lunan Bay, which is just north of Arbroath. It is a lovely stretch of sandy beach. It was slightly cooler here than Blairgowrie and with a stiff wind. The young pup loved the sand beneath his paws, old dog seemed a bit disorientated, perhaps with the noise of the sea etc. I had planned to look at the old castle ruins etc, but old dog decided to be violently sick and lay down and refused to move. Managed to encourage him off the beach and he seemed far better, and once home and settled seemed none the worse. I think it may be time to limit any long car journeys and walks.