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This blog is my random ramblings and photos of what is going on in the B&B, my life, but generally my little jaunts out which I hope will give you a taster of all the wonderful excursions to do in our area.


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Highland Fling Bungee

The reason daughter no.2 and I were in the neighbourhood of the Enchanted Forest, was that we had an appointment to go Bungee Jumping. Highland Bungee is based at the Garry Bridge, the platform is under the bridge and you fling yourself off, well secured! My daughter had purchased me a gift voucher a while ago and she wanted to do it as well, she has done it before as a tandem at a friends birthday party. The 'crew' in charge were brilliant and very safety conscious, so no need to be concerned. I wasn't as terrified as I thought, but still paused after the first count down, it's a long way down. Anyway, I did it and would definitely do it again.

The Enchanted Forest - Daytime Again

A couple of years ago I posted pictures of a daytime visit to the location of the Enchanted Forest event in Pitlochry. Daughter No 2 and I were in the vicinity again and with some time to kill, had a wander around. We were fortunate that they were doing some maintenance so all the lights were on and the background music was playing. Obviously it is not the same effect as in the dark but none the less very interesting.

Blackness Castle

After our trip to Lallybroch, we continued further up the road to Blackness Castle. This castle was also used in Outlander as Fort William Castle. It was certainly an impressive old castle, great for exploring all the ramparts and hidden corridors.